QA-tech is a consultancy and training company mainly working within the fields of
  • Occupational health safety
  • Environment
  • Management systems
  • CE-conformity of products where many directives are relevant
  • Legal Metrology
QA-tech can offer
  • Help related to the Declaration of Conformity of products
  • Help when negotiating with authorities – especially within environment, occupational health and safety, and technical approvals
  • Ad hoc help – in case you need a written instruction, a new manual, a risk assessment, a temporary quality manager or a measuring uncertainty budget
  • Courses and training – also at your facility and specific to your employees
  • Design of instruction material – in writing – in video form – or? All in a language that suits you and your employees.

QA-tech collaborates with a range of competent individuals and companies, and in this way we are able to assist you professionally in most ways.


Management systems helps us by easing our work load and making us more efficient. QA-tech offers templates and on-line based management systems in many fields. We offer extensions for some of the systems. Occupational health & safety and quality management are two of our top products.

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Many manufacturers experience challenges when it comes to products, where many EU directives are involved. In case the product is to be placed on other markets than the EU internal market, it may be quite difficult to decide how, for example the marking and technical documentation should be.

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Efficient courses and training is important to any organisation, big or small. We have placed a requirement on ourselves that  all our courses and training classes are

  • Involving
  • Specific and
  • As close to practice as possible

It is important to us that the participant really benefits from the training, otherwise it is a waste of time.

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